Please allow us this opportunity to introduce our company Cyrus Electronic Pvt. Ltd. We have been operating since 1986 in the field of electronic security system in manufacturing, installing and servicing field. We are in security business with one prime motive and that is to provide Efficient, Effective and Economic solution for the need of financial institutions and organizations.
Initially the company had started business as a quasi-sign wave generator and later migrated into full scale Electronic security equipment manufacturing field. Later on we felt that the equipment’s manufactured by us needed better after sales service thus we started expanding our business by the way of providing installation and maintenance work.

During our journey in this field we created many millstones in this field some of them relevant to mention here are:
• We were the first company to manufacture Autodialler which was a much needed in the bank branches as a silent security device, as lot of accident occurred due to activation of alarm system.
• We were the first to introduce the concept of CCTV to be introduced as a deterrent device to the bank branches as also were the first company to install CCTV in an Indian bank (SBI Main Branch,Gorakhpur, U.P 1996)
• We were the first company which got its equipment approved by the Reserve Bank of India

We have always been in constant research to develop and market efficient and effective product which suits the need for the security of financial institutions. In the process we were the first company to install the IP based cameras to the Bank branches in 2005, but that proved to be too be early to be in the market of electronics security as the low bandwidth of the internet created a bottleneck in live video streaming.
During the recent years we have also added access control devices in our security equipment and have installed it to several bank branches, with effective response.
At present we are serving many banks all over India through our wide spread network service Centre and branch offices of our own. With the help of these we are now able to provide our services to nearly 6000 plus branches of various banks with nearly 4000 + CCTV installations, 6000+ Alarm systems installed by us.
We also undertake maintenance of security equipment’s not installed or manufactured by us, and are fully capable to rectify any problem arising in these devices by the strong back end support of our in house research and development wing.
Currently we are indulge in providing sales, services and maintenance of the following equipment for which the details of its features are attached for your kind review :-
    • Burglar/Integrated (Fire cum Burglar) Alarm System
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Standalone Autodialler
    • CCTV System
    • Bio-Metric Access Control System
    • Flap Barrier